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New Email Virus Information
The following is information about the recent virus that is affecting everyone on the internet:

There is a new computer virus out in the Internet right now called "Mydoom" or "Novarg". It is a malicious program attached to seemingly innocuous e-mails and is spreading quickly over the Internet. It appears to be an e-mail error message. A small file is attached that, when launched on computers running Microsoft Corp.'s Windows operating systems, can send out 100 infected e-mail messages in 30 seconds to e-mail addresses stored in the computer's address book and other documents. More information on the worm can be found here:

Fortunately our servers and equipment are completely immune to this as they run on Linux operating systems and the virus only affects Windows PCs. Unfortunately, due to the volume of the mail viruses being sent, and the fact that they 'masquerade' as legitimate email bounce back (Mail Delivery Subsystem) errors, there is not much we can do to block them. Also, as the virus fakes and forges email headers, any FROM: address that you see or hear about in regards to these emails will be 100% faked. The true source of the message will not be what is in the email headers, and due to the volume of mail generated by viruses, we unfortunately cannot track them back to their true source.

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