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Setting Up Your Email & WebMail
*Step 1 - Adding Emails to your Hosting Account
Email accounts need to be set up through your Plusmail WebControl Panel first.
To Login to your WebControl Panel:
Click Here for Detailed Instructions on Step 1

*Step 2 - Setting Up your Email Accounts on your Computer
Step by step instructions for adding email accounts to your email program on your computer. Microsoft Outlook Express, Microsoft Outlook, and Eudora
Click Here for Detailed Instructions on Step 2

Once you completed both Step 1 and Step 2 you'll be finished and will be able to use your email.

Setting Up Your Web Mail & Email Forwarding

Using Web-Based Email - After you setup your email accounts through your webcontrol panel you can alternatively access them through WebMail - To do this, go to your WebControl Panel and add in PHP under "Free Scripts". After that you can access it through your web browser by going to your domain and putting in "/webmail" after your domain name, ie, if you domain name was johndoe.com then you would got to http://johndoe.com/webmail/

Setting up an Email Redirect/Forwarding Click Here for Detailed Instructions
Example: Redirect sales@yourdomain.com to yourcompany@yahoo.com

Setting up an Email Autoresponder Click Here for Detailed Instructions
Example: Someone sends you an email and then they get an autoresponder email back to them.

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